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About this website

Please keep in mind that this is a free dating, friendship and social discovery site. This is not an agency. We provide a technical solution where people can publish their profile, browse or search for other members, and message with the ones they like. That's it. No more, no less. Our main focus is on keeping this site's software and hardware running as smoothly as possible. The rest is up to you. We are computer geeks, and we cannot help you with marriage/relationship issues, visas and stuff like that.

You have to be an adult (at least 18 years old) to use our site, so we will of course not babysit you. However, please be aware that we do not screen all members of this site and we do not inquire into the backgrounds of all members or attempt to verify their statements. Please be careful; some members may not be who they claim to be, and some members may be dishonest about their intentions.

Because we are computer geeks, for the most part we rely on computer algorithms and "robots" to monitor and moderate this site. This has both advantages and disadvantages; there are situations in which they perform better and more efficiently than humans, but there are indeed situations in which they cannot keep up and perform worse. Thus we also have a community reporting and flagging system to complement our "robots" with real human input from our good members. We ask you to please stay vigilant and to actively use our reporting and flagging system to help us keep this site clean.

Some people may find us too strict, whereas some others may find us too lenient. People are different, and there's no such thing as "one size fits all". It is impossible to create a site where all people in the world agree on the policies on which to govern it. We've chosen to create a site that fits into what the majority thinks is appropriate, and to pay less attention to those with extreme opinions. After all, would it make sense to spend most of our time and resources trying to accommodate the demands of those with extreme views? Would you do this if you ran a site like this?

We believe our policies are fair and reasonable, and we do try to enforce them strictly. Because why would we want trolls, prostitutes, their clients, and other "riff-raff" in our site? Would you want this? If so, this site is not for you.

Just like the police enforces laws in real life, we police this site. Let's think of a situation where you are speeding in the traffic, stopped by the police, and fined. You will of course accept the fine even if you know very well that others are speeding without getting caught. You know that this doesn't justify breaking the law, and you accept that the police cannot be everywhere at all times, but are doing random samples as a crime deterrence method. Exactly the same principle goes for this site. There are policies (and even laws) that you have to follow while using this site, but it is impossible for us to catch all perpetrators. But when we do, we act (very) strictly.